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Service is Our Mission

We are the original Total Clinic Solution.

Total Clinic Solution

Providing software, services and solutions for every need your practice faces from clinical, to administrative to complete revenue cycle management.

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Practice Management

Depend on our technology and expertise to keep your practice running seamlessly.

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Medical Billing and Revenue Services

With over 500 combined years of billing experience, MediSYS is your partner for optimum financial performance.

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Electronic Health Records

Tailored to your medical specialty, our EHR solution lets you focus on patients, not paperwork.

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Professional Services

Empower your team with our industry-leading implementation, training, support, data migrations and interoperability.

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Patient Engagement & Care Coordination

Proven tools to allow today’s patients and providers to better manage their health.

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Credentialing Services

Simplifying the complexities of medical credentialing to generate optimum cash flow.

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Industry Compliance

Continued education and training based on industry requirements and guidelines.

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Beyond Four Walls

Providing the tools and support to allow your practice to continue practicing beyond the traditional 4 clinic walls.

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Telehealth Tools

MediSYS provides a low-cost simple way for providers to connect with patients without having to install any software.

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Patient Messaging and Mobile Pay

Connect quickly and efficiently with patients with built-in tools designed specifically for medical practices.

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Service is our mission, technology is our passion.

Relationships Matter. People Matter.

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