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Get your practice paid faster with these 2 easy steps

Consumers today live in a world where the vast majority of people are walking around with a high-powered computer in their pocket, a smartphone. If a practice adapts, it can leverage this piece of technology to its benefit. One of those ways is by collecting patient payments faster and easier than ever before.

  1. Utilize text messaging – Studies have shown that text message open rates are between 90 and 98%, compared to the 20% open rate for emails [1]. Text messaging has grown into a multi-use platform, that is no longer limited to just chatting with friends. MediSYS saw this trend and developed an exciting solution that can help streamline your patient payment collection process. PatienTXT is an add-on built in to M2 Practice Management and allows practices to automatically send a text message to patients, with a secure link for them to pay their bill using a debit or credit card, much faster than sending out a traditional paper statement. PatienTXT makes it easier for patients to pay and allows for payment programs, meaning that they are more likely to pay on-time or early. Payments received are posted electronically in M2 Practice Management. It also reduces the need to send out paper statements saving your practice time and money!
  2. Take cards and electronic payments – in 2017 all types of cards combined to make up 52% of all transactions [2] and electronic payments are growing in popularity. So there is no doubt that checks and cash are becoming less and less prevalent when it comes to consumer payments. A practice should note this and make steps towards making the payment process as easy as possible for the patient. 

Whether your practice simply wants to take credit cards in the office, over the phone, through your statements, whether or not using a MediSYS product, or you are interested in hearing more about MediSYS powered PatienTXT and MobilePay, we can help!

MediSYS has over 30 years of experience serving practices like yours. Our clients are our main focus and unmatched customer service is our mission. Call or click today to see the difference MediSYS’ superior support can have for your practice!