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Does your clinic file claims to Viva? If so, do you have more rejections for this carrier than others?

Viva is one the of the top 5 commercial carriers that MediSYS clients file to through Emdeon. The payer claim rejection rate is higher on Viva than any of the others.

WHY is this and how can you get a jump on correct filing with Viva?

Often clients leave off the two digit suffix that is required on the policy number. Each patient that is covered under Viva has this suffix. For a family plan, the suffix could be 00, 01, 02, etc. By confirming that this suffix is correct and included in the policy number, your clinic could decrease your number of claim rejections and speed up payment turnaround. These suffixes can be found on the patient’s insurance card.

What messages to look for on these type rejections?

ACK/RETURNED – Entity’s contract/member number or ACK/RETURNED – Subscriber & policy number/contract number mismatched

Although the first pass accuracy rate for MediSYS clients using Emdeon is 98.75%, the cleaner the claim, the quicker the payment!

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