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Electronic LabCorp Orders Available within MediSYS ePrescribe & EHR

Birmingham, AL, March 12, 2010……As part of MediSYS’ commitment to streamline healthcare information, MediSYS announced today the addition of ordering LabCorp tests from within MediSYS ePrescribe and MediSYS Electronic Health Records.  Electronic lab results have been available for practices with qualifying external lab volume for sometime from over 10 external lab reference companies direct to MediSYS EHR or ePrescribe.  The addition of LabCorp orders from within these applications will unify lab test processing and streamline documentation for many healthcare providers.

This bi-directional interface with MediSYS and LabCorp will eliminate the practice having to place orders via a separate LabCorp PC or other method.  With this new release, for those who meet the LabCorp requirements, practices may order a lab test from MediSYS EHR or ePrescribe in just a few clicks.  The LabCorp order is automatically documented in the patient’s record then transmitted real-time to LabCorp for processing. The lab results are then automatically matched to the order creating a complete record of the lab activity.  Lab orders that do not have an associated result are reported as an outstanding lab for follow up. Fewer steps for lab orders, cross-referenced results and automatic documentation lead to better patient care and efficient quality control.

In addition to the LabCorp bi-directional electronic ordering & results interface, a bi-directional interface with Southern Diagnostic Laboratories is available.  Lab result interfaces with MediSYS EHR and MediSYS ePrescribe include:  LabCorp, Quest, Southern Diagnostic Laboratories, Doctors Laboratories, Skin Pathology, Cytopath, Bostwick Laboratories, Cunningham Pathology, Orchard Lab, Alabama Pathology, Bridger Pathologies Lab, and others.

MediSYS is 100% dedicated to improving the workflow and revenue of physicians, and has been for over twenty years.  MediSYS serves more than a thousand physicians through medical practice management software, electronic health records, medical billing services and practice management services.