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Medicaid EFT & ERA Release Date Changes

Important Changes coming to EFT and 835 electronic remittance advices (ERAs)

Effective beginning July 24th, 2015, Medicaid will no longer offer immediate ERA 835 access. 835 ERAs will now be released within 3 business days of the release of the EFTs.

Example from Medicaid BEGINNING ON JULY 24th, 2015:

  • Check write is on Friday 7/24/15
  • EFTs released on Monday 8/3/15
  • 835 ERAs available from Monday 8/3/15 – Thursday 8/6/15

For more information please view the complete Medicaid Provider News for July 2015 located on the Medicaid website (note pages 1, 4 & 5):

Medicaid website – Publications:

For questions, please contact the EMC Help Desk via email ([email protected]) or phone (800)456-1242. Or visit the Alabama Medicaid website at