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MediSYS Announces the Release of MediSYS EHR v2

Press Release:  MediSYS Announces the Release of MediSYS EHR v2


MediSYS is excited to release its new version 2 of MediSYS EHR.  This version encompasses all of the latest web technology for electronic health records including cloud-based computing. This enables MediSYS provider’s complete EHR access, anytime, anywhere.  The ability to access full patient information allows physicians the flexibility they need, with the security that is essential in today’s medical environment.


MediSYS v2 is certified for Meaningful Use and Surescripts.  As a MASA preferred partner, MediSYS is a proven leader in Alabama and the southeast.  With interoperability playing a major role in Meaningful Use requirements, MediSYS leads the way as a local leader in connectivity.  With 22 hospitals and 14+ lab connections, MediSYS offers more interoperable solutions for today’s providers.


Version 2 is fully functional with various devices and operating system platforms.  Users now have secure, complete access from more mobile devices, iPad, Microsoft Surface, and a host of other products.  This access will give providers information to improve patient care from anywhere using the device of their choice.


Providers need flexible documentation options with fast on-the-fly customizations. With easy-to-use configuration by provider, MediSYS v2 tools to mimic each provider’s workflow.  One-click options for PSFH/ROS/Exam, Dashboards, Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Krames Patient Education and Patient Packet tools, detailed draw-on images, real-time immunization access through ADPH/IMMPRINTS, and MediSYS Patient Portal are just a few of the great features available to practices.


With greater connectivity, low up-front costs, and proven support, our providers benefit from a true partnership with MediSYS.  Our cost-effective MediSYS EHR comes with not only the latest in technology, but also with a proven record of successful implementations.  Our highly qualified staff works diligently to make your EHR a success.  Through expert on-site implementation and tailored on-site training, our staff makes your clinic’s transition its priority.  With superior local support, your clinic can be assured that we are available to help when you need us.  Our expertise in the area of Meaningful Use has aided MediSYS providers, in Alabama alone, in collecting $4 Million+ in incentive money.