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MediSYS becomes MASA ‘Preferred Partner’

Via MASA article:

MASA is pleased to announce its Preferred Partnership with MediSYS, an Alabama-based provider of medical practice management software. MediSYS has been serving and partnering with healthcare providers throughout the state of Alabama for more than 28 years. In 2005, MediSYS expanded its applications to include electronic prescribing and electronic health records (EHR).

MediSYS recognizes the importance of three key elements for today’s providers as they partner with a vendor for technology services: (1) dependable support and service (2) usable, certified products and (3) affordable, cost effective solutions. With MediSYS, you get all three of these elements along with much more.

With MediSYS, clinics can be assured that they are not only purchasing flexible and affordable solutions, but above all they are partnering with the leader in Alabama for interoperability and support.  The MediSYS staff combined has hundreds of years of experience in healthcare.  They strive to keep clients educated and informed of industry and technology updates.

Offering dependable, local service with the ability to quickly meet and exceed industry changes has been a driving factor for MediSYS’ ongoing presence in the Alabama healthcare market.   Drummond Certified MediSYS EHR leads the state with its ever growing interoperability partnerships. That expansion further solidifies the company’s commitment, not only to their clients, but also to the ever-evolving tools needed for quality healthcare.  With external lab interoperability, lab results are routed to the physician’s inbox for review and action. Providers have expressed the value of the interoperability partnerships offered through MediSYS EHR and what they really mean to their practices – more time with patients, real-time information, and cost savings for the healthcare community as a whole.  MediSYS provides electronic connectivity for providers to many local hospitals, national and local external lab reference companies, Lab Information Systems, Alabama Department of Public Health (Immunizations), SureScripts and more.  MediSYS also offers proven success assisting hospitals with solutions for post-acquisition physician practice billing in the ambulatory practice level of billing and workflow.

MediSYS knows what it takes to be a successful practice in today’s market and their dedication to almost 700 medical clinics and thousands of providers utilizing MediSYS is demonstrated with ongoing training classes, online resources and day-to-day superior support.  A partnership with MediSYS means success for your clinic.

To learn more about MediSYS and how its products could benefit your practice, call (334) 277-6201 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a complete demonstration. Mention you are a MASA member and receive a $500 discount on your total price upon purchase.