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MediSYS partners with CLAIM.MD

July 7, 2016 – MediSYS, a regional leader in Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solutions, has partnered with CLAIM.MD, a leading Internet-based electronic claim processing company serving the medical community to provide MediSYS clients with greater claims processing capabilities.

CLAIM.MD products and services are designed with the provider in mind. Meeting collection goals is key to a successful practice. Claim.MD is affordable and powerful — a system of tools to send clean claims the first time, and visual tracking to easily see issues and collection trends as billing situations change in our industry.

MediSYS knows what it takes to be a successful practice in today’s healthcare market and our dedication to medical clinics spans over 30 years.  MediSYS is client-focused, providing superior services and support including client-specific on-site implementation training, ongoing personal support and system customization.  With Electronic Health Records and Medical Billing software and services, a partnership with MediSYS means success for your clinic.

With MediSYS, clinics can be assured that they are not only selecting flexible and affordable solutions, but above all they are partnering with the local leader for interoperability and support.  The MediSYS staff has hundreds of years of experience in medical practice management, electronic health records and medical billing services.  MediSYS strives to keep clients educated and informed of industry and technology updates through emails, regional sessions, and client visits among other things.

To learn more about MediSYS and how a partnership could benefit your practice, contact us or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a complete demonstration.



CLAIM.MD is an Internet-based electronic claim processing company serving the medical community. CLAIM.MD helps medical providers increase cash flow by eliminating paper claims, reducing time spent researching and correcting rejected claims, and providing proof of timely filing. With CLAIM.MD, medical providers using MediSYS Practice Management can submit claims electronically to hundreds of commercial and government payers. CLAIM.MD is a vendor partner with leading clearinghouse firms and serves hundreds of providers in many states. For more information, visit or call 505.757.6060.