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Ongoing Training and Support

Training before, during and after go-live.

Training is vital to a successful install; however, training is not something to be done only during the initial implementation and never really done again. The key to a truly successful office is the ongoing training after the sale.

Customer Support

FREE Online Webinars

MediSYS offers online webinars to our clients to facilitate further understanding of healthcare industry changes and requirements, important deadlines, software changes, and so much more! We make sure our clients are up-to-date with the most current information available and free online webinars are the fastest way to get this information delivered effectively.

Most live webinars are also recorded and posted on our client website for client to watch at their convenience. Handouts and slides are also posted for clients.

Our staff offers this plus a whole lot more. Not only can clients schedule time to train at either of our locations for no additional charge with our support contract, but our staff welcomes additional training for clients. We feel like the more your staff understands, the better off we all are.

FREE Training Videos

Offering online training videos is effective to have around the clock, 24 hour access to information. We know lives are busy, and many of us no longer work a regular 8-5 workday. Training videos give us a way, as your vendor, to extend the training and knowledge to you at your convenience.

MediSYS training videos focus on software usage and the ever changing healthcare industry. We focus on MIPS, MACRA, Chronic Care Management, BCBS, as well as software changes and new information introduced to the healthcare industry. MediSYS online training videos are one way in which we can reach out to our clients to provide much needed information. The more your staff understands, the better off we all are.

MediSYS User Conferences (also FREE!)

We also host yearly User Conferences by territory or city for MediSYS clients. This provides an opportunity for clients to meet and talk with other clients and have classroom training on hot industry topics, as well as software features and benefits. Often these meetings include speakers from other leading vendors in the medical industry such as Alabama BCBS, Alabama Medicaid and more.

The demands of today’s healthcare industry continue to rise. That is why we feel our partnership with key players and with your clinic makes for a winning combination.

Call to learn more of our commitment to helping your clinic continue to be successful after implementation and for years to come!