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Our Story

People Matter. Relationships Matter.

MediSYS has over 30 years of experience as the provider of integrated medical technology solutions that helps providers focus on patients, not paperwork.

Meet Our Team

A Total Clinic Solution approach.

Our solutions — ranging from practice and revenue cycle management to patient billing and electronic health records — exist to help people fulfill their calling, caring for the sick, with as little administrative stress as possible. We accomplish this mission through our unique and innovative Total Clinic Solution approach: offering a seamless flow of revenue from patient to provider, with fewer delays, fewer denied claims, and fewer dissatisfied patients. At MediSYS, service is our mission, and people are our priority.

Our History


MediSYS began in Montgomery, AL serving ambulatory medical practices with the development and support of MediSYS Practice Management System.


MediSYS expanded to include a sales and support team located in Birmingham, AL consistently topping the BCBS Vendor Functionality with unique integration.


MediSYS principals invest in EHR application development in Montgomery, AL bringing to market MediSYS EHR to further automate medical office operations for MediSYS clients.

2020 & Forward

MediSYS continues to lead in medical information technology for PM, Billing, EHR and other innovative services while providing top rated customer support, training, customization and implementation.

Our Team

A partnership of experience and trust.

Our team collectively has over 700+ years of experience with MediSYS alone. Many of our staff have 20+ years providing hands-on training, support & day-to-day relationships with our clients. Our unique blend of knowledge and experience helps us see clearly the challenges providers face and work to help solve them, offering daily support and hands-on training.

With MediSYS you aren’t just purchasing the software, you are getting the “people” that make up MediSYS- the decades of experience and time spent building relationships with our customers.

Alice Foster
Alisha Kelley
Amy Lazaro
Amy Zeller
Anna Franklin
Barry Allen
Bonnie Hannah
Brittnie Morris
Carey Olive
Carrie Gulledge
Charlie Howard
Charlotte Rice
Cindi Owens
Cole Little
Daniel Smitherman
Danny Lushington
Delena Chappel
Earl Taylor
Elaine Redman
Emilie Tyree
Francise Reeves
Gavin Ellis
Gay Nesbitt
Glenda Tippett
Glenn Betz
Haley Freeman
Hayley Surles
Holly Beck
Janessa Sideris
Jason Meadows
Jennifer Woodward
Joe Peel
Joy Gable
Judy Noles
Julie Sideris
Kaimesha Rodgers
Karrie Yates
Kasie Shotts
Kassie Culpepper
Kathy Cole
Kelly Cannon
Kim Edwards
Kim Moore
Krystal Davis
Lacenda Young
Laura Perry
Lauren Davis
Leigh Allen
Lesley Tyree
Leslie Butler
Leslie Wilson
Linda Owen
Lizzy Shotts
Luvonia Alexander
Lynn Updike
Mark Lewis
Marsha Grubbs
Melanie Green
Melissa Thompson-Pitts
Mike Candelaria
Misty Clements
Morgan Noble
Nancy Ellis
Natalie Young
Nick Casarona
Nikki Johnson
Philip Allen
Rachel Tinsley
Rebekah Pickler
Rebekah Sloan
Renesha Weldon
Rhonda Boatwright
Rick Smitherman
Robbi Kates
Scott Sanderson
Shannon Bailey
Shannon Johnson
Sharon Jones
Sharon Ramon
Sharon Watkins
Shaun Brooks
Shea Layton
Shelea Bass
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Tim Lachapelle
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