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RHC COVID-19 Updates

Attention Rural Health Clinics: Per CMS Publication 100-02, Chapter 13 (PDF, 400 KB), Section 80.4, productivity standards require 4,200 visits per physician and 2,100 visits per practitioner. If you are having difficulty meeting productivity standards as a result of COVID-19 PHE, you may request an exception to the productivity standards. The following information is required: Visit count that you are requesting as an exception to the standard of 4,200 for physicians and 2,100 for mid-level practitioners Documentation…
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Telehealth SAVED Our Practice!

  Telehealth is undoubtedly saving practices across the country and in your own town. Practices should adopt telehealth, where possible, in order to return lost revenue and give the patient more choices and better quality care. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has seen this shift and has expanded Telehealth coverage during the Covid pandemic. MediSYS offers a standalone telehealth solution that will fit into any practice. MediSYS can implement telehealth in your practice…
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Outpatient Hospital Department (OPD) Prior Authorization (PA) Fax Number

Please note that the correct fax number for Outpatient Hospital Department (OPD) Prior Authorization (PA) is (803) 462-7313. If you are using fax to submit your PA request, please use this fax number immediately. Applies to:JJ Part A//GeneralJJ Part B//GeneralJM Part A//GeneralJM Part B//Genera Information obtained from:

AL Medicaid Alert – Changes to Body Mass Index (BMI) Requirement

View the full alert details on the Alabama Medicaid website here: Beginning June 9, 2020, PCPs, NPs/ PAs (collaborating with a PCP), PCP groups/ individual PCPs participating with an ACHN, FQHCs, RHCs, Public Health Departments, Teaching Facilities, and OB/GYNs that bill procedure codes 99201-99205, 99211-99215, and 99241-99245 are no longer required to include a BMI diagnosis on each claim billed. Beginning June 9, 2020, a BMI will only be required on an annual basis…
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Medicare COVID-19 Advance Payments *Update

Medicare COVID-19 Accelerated/Advance Payment (AAP) Repayment FAQ CMS created the following FAQ document in the link below to help providers understand the process and options of repaying Medicare accelerated/advance payments (AAPs) issued for COVID-19. We strongly encourage Medicare providers to thoroughly review the link here: Here are some key questions and answers we wanted to highlight: 6. Question: How will offset amounts appear on my Medicare Remittance Advice? Answer: Part B Providers – Any…
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BCBS of AL – COVID-19 Advance Payment

Review Your COVID-19 Advance Payment We want to make sure physicians and practice managers review the advance payment that BCBS of AL is offering to providers participating in one of their Select Programs (Primary Care, OB-GYN, Pediatrics and Endocrinology) to help with the financial disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers must opt in by June 30, 2020, to receive the advance payment. To see the amount you’re eligible to receive and view the terms…
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Integrated BCBS of AL Patient Health Snapshot

Attention: MediSYS ClientsNew System EnhancementsBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and MediSYS, an independent company, have worked together to integrate the Patient Health Snapshot (PHS) into the MediSYS system. By using this feature, MediSYS clients will experience increased efficiency in viewing and printing the PHS to assist in closing gaps in care. This could make a significant difference in value-based earnings for primary care and Blue Advantage® providers. For more information, refer to the…
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Patient Text Communications from the Schedule with MediSYS PatienTXT

Communicate & connect with patients from the schedule! New feature now available with MediSYS PatienTXT – Patient Communications via Text Ability to immediately send a text message from the schedule to: a block of patients a single patient For Example: Remote Waiting Room Notifications – Text patients who are waiting in their car when it’s time to be seen Provider Availability Change Notifications – Notify patients when your provider has a block of appointments that need…
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MediSYS Integrated Patient Health Snapshot

Integrated Patient Health Snapshot MediSYS and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama have made it easier to close gaps in care by integrating Patient Health Snapshot (PHS) within MediSYS. MediSYS clinics can now quickly review a PHS to see the complete health snapshot prior to seeing the patient. Available to all MediSYS client regardless of EHR, simply: Check E&B via Infosolutions by selecting 2)Ok After the eligibility displays in a PDF, click on 1)Review…
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Last Day to Submit 2019 MIPS Data

ATTENTION: Eligible Medicare Clinicians Participating in MIPS REMINDER: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMS extended the 2019 MIPS data submission deadline to 8:00 PM EDT on April 30, 2020. You can submit data via the QPP website at Additionally, eligible clinicians who have not submitted any MIPS data by April 30, 2020 will qualify for the automatic extreme and uncontrollable circumstances policy and will receive a neutral payment adjustment for the 2021 MIPS payment…
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BCBS of AL Updated Telehealth Billing Guide

April 8th BCBS of AL updated their Telehealth Guide and indicated that the E&M codes listed on the updated billing guide can be performed with or without a visual component. All codes should be billed with Place of Service Code 02 – Telehealth. No modifier is required at this time. View the Telehealth Billing Guide for full details. For more information on Coronavirus Telehealth Coverage Guidelines from BCBS of AL please visit:

MediSYS Clients are Quickly Adding WebChart Telehealth Tools

MediSYS clients are taking advantage of a new low-cost telehealth video conferencing tool don’t miss out on the WebChart Telehealth allows providers to quickly deploy a telehealth video conferencing program with nothing to install or download! Providers can send a text message or email to the patient to begin the telehealth visit. The patient can use their cellphone or their computer to join the visit. WebChart Telehealth is: HIPAA Compliant Easy to use Browser based…
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