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Telehealth Tools

These days patients enjoy and expect providers to offer telehealth visits. MediSYS provides a low-cost, simple way for providers to connect with patients without having to install any software. WebChart Telehealth video conferencing is available as a standalone or built-in option.

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“We changed to WebChart Telehealth and WebChart works much better!”

Teresa Chambers with Dr. James G. Chambers, III, M.D.

“Our patients appreciate it (WebChart Telehealth) and Dr. Jackson likes it!”

Darby Phillips with Dr. Kevin L. Jackson

“WebChart Telehealth saved my practice!”

A South Alabama Clinic

WebChart Telehealth

  • Adapt to the future of care
  • Reduce exposure risks
  • Expand your visit types to match the recent trends
  • Perform high quality Telehealth visits
  • Built-in web portal for forms and written consent
  • Zero software to install for you or your patients
  • Hassle-free implementation
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Invite patients to join through text or email
  • Available as a stand-alone tool or built-in for WebChart EHR users
  • No long-term commitments
  • Very affordable pricing structure
  • HIPAA compliant

Telehealth is undoubtedly saving practices across the country and in your own town. Practices should adopt telehealth, where possible, in order to return lost revenue and give the patient more choices and better-quality care. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has seen this shift and has expanded Telehealth coverage during the Covid pandemic. MediSYS offers a standalone telehealth solution that will fit into any practice. MediSYS can implement telehealth in your practice in just a day or two! To learn more, Contact MediSYS today!

Rural Health Telehealth

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