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Beyond providing clinic application solutions.

MediSYS also provides multiple data delivery options including data hosting, in-house/turnkey applications, outsourcing with online access, and more. No matter the delivery configuration you select, project management and implementation of your MediSYS solutions are coordinated by our experienced team. For continued success and compliance, we provide ongoing support services and software protection.

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  • Training & Implementation

    On-site Training | Qualified Implementation Staff | Inclusive

    We know first-hand what goes on in the day-to-day operations of a busy medical office. Our staff has extensive hands-on experience in medical billing, medical office management, claim adjudication and electronic health records. Our highly-motivated staff has worked with patients, physicians, and carriers for years.

    Where You Are
    Within driving distance to your office and your major carriers, we can respond quickly. Given the ever-changing healthcare industry, this is a level of service that is becoming very difficult to find. Plus, you don’t have to worry about open-ended expenses for airfare and other travel expenses.

    Inclusive Price
    All too often, practices who purchase what they thought was a “cheaper” system, only end up paying much more after they add-in training, travel, airfare, and professional services. The cost of implementation training is included with your MediSYS solution. With MediSYS, unless you opt to have these services a la carte, you will know upfront what your costs will be.

    Let’s Get Started
    The implementation process begins with an on-site session with your practice and your MediSYS Implementation Representative. During the session, we will discuss the details of your practice, implementation schedules, conversions options and plans. To compliment our on-site training, pre-recorded role-based sessions for PM are available 24/7 and scheduled web-based sessions.

    On-Site Training

    Training at Your Office | Process-Focused | Practice Specific | Role-Based

    Medical billing, scheduling, and electronic health records functions vary by specialty, provider, location, carrier participation, etc., so the most effective training occurs in real-life situations. So under the direction of your Implementation Representative, we train your staff on the use of MediSYS during your normal daily routines. Typically, we are with you the first time you schedule an appointment, check in / out a patient, transmit claims, process payments, document encounters, etc.

    MediSYS training is more effective because of our implementation team’s vast experience in medical office operations and electronic health records. This experience allows us to better diagnosis and respond to your particular situation.

    Training for new or replacement personnel, after the implementation training, is offered in a variety of formats including: at no charge at our offices, 24/7 Role-based pre-recorded PM sessions and web training. Post implementation on-site is also available at then current daily rates.

    If a solution with a successful implementation is important to you, contact us.

  • Unlimited Support & Software Protection

    Unlimited Telephone Support | Local: Created & Supported in the U.S. | Top Client Ratings

    Our MediSYS Support staff is a source of information, education, advice and consultation, and assistance. As part of your Software Support & Protection Plan, you will receive unlimited telephone support…to assist with MediSYS technical problems or to answer “how to” questions. So we can see what you see, we often use our Remote Support System Access Tool to diagnose and assist with questions. Plus, if necessary, a representative may come to your office.

    Customer support is also available via Client website access is a resource of information including news, documents, role-based training sessions, reference guides, and on-line submission of questions.

    Automatic Software Revisions | Industry Leaders | Inclusive Plan

    As the medical industry changes, we realize how quickly you must adapt. On-going automatic software updates and enhancements mean your MediSYS solution is always current.

    MediSYS’ local programming team is a stable force that brings both systems and medical experience to MediSYS software. The MediSYS System is always evolving based on industry changes, carrier requirements and overall client needs. MediSYS software updates are included as a part of regular software protection plan.

    To be confident that your solution is kept up-to-date, contact us.

  • MIPS Assistance

    Industry deadlines of today are demanding and difficult to manage at best. MIPS / Meaningful Use is one large portion of those. Our total support ideology is centered around partnership – one where we consistently offer a higher level of ongoing training and education than many of our other competitors.

    One way that our staff offers MIPS and Meaningful Use support to our clients is by continually providing further education and training based on CMS requirements and guidelines. Although we may not have all the answers, our staff is a wealth of support and knowledge. From step-by-step guidance through attestation assistance, to continued education efforts via webinars, onsite classes and literature, our staff wants all MediSYS clients to be successful.

    Ask our clients. Let them explain the high level of service our staff offers after the sale. Since the onset of Meaningful Use, a large percentage of our clients have successfully attested year after year with the help of our support staff. Not only for MIPS and Meaningful Use, but also for utilizing new incentives, such as Chronic Care Management, Quality Reporting Services, Value Based Modifiers, and more. Don’t trust your bottom line’s success to a vendor that won’t follow through for the long haul. Our partnership with your clinic is here to stay and your success is our greatest accomplishment! Ask about MIPS Assistance today! [email protected]

  • Ongoing Education & Training

    Training is vital to a successful install; however, training is not something to be done only during the initial implementation and never really done again. The key to a truly successful office is the ongoing training after the sale.

    Free Online Training

    MediSYS offers ongoing webinars that cover industry changes and requirements, as well as reviews of the product and new product enhancement training. We make sure our clients are up-to-date with the most current information available using the fastest way to get this information delivered effectively.

    Online training videos is another effective way MedISYS provides education to have around the clock, 24 hour access to information. We know lives are busy, and many of us no longer work a regular 8-5 workday. Training videos give us a way, as your vendor, to extend the training and knowledge to you at your convenience.

    Our staff offers this plus a whole lot more. Not only can clients schedule time to train at either of our locations for no additional charge with our support contract, but our staff welcomes additional training for clients. We feel like the more your staff understands, the better off we all are.

    MediSYS User Conferences (also Free!)

    We also offer training classes by territory or city for clients. This enables clients to meet and talk with other clients and have classroom training on hot topics, as well as other product features and benefits. Often these meetings include speakers from other leading vendors in the medical industry such as Alabama Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Alabama Medicaid and more.

    The demands of today’s healthcare industry continue to rise. That is why we feel our partnership with key players and with your clinic makes for a winning combination.

    Call to learn more of our commitment to helping your clinic continue to be successful after implementation and for years to come.

  • Technology Services

    Data Hosting : ASP Fast, Flexible and Secure

    MediSYS Data Hosting (ASP) can connect you to powerful tools to help your practice run smoothly and grow quickly. An alternative to an in-office installation, your data is hosted in a scalable, safe, secure environment with minimal investment. Your high speed internet connection and an up-to-date workstation can give you access to all of the advantages of MediSYS Practice Management and/or ePrescribe/Electronic Health Records. Just think–powerful practice management solutions and electronic health records software without an in-office installation.

    • Incoming & outgoing data encryption
    • Data redundancy
    • SAN space off-site backup storage
    • Power backup / generators
    • Independent climate control
    • Multiple high-speed data lines for fast access & transfer speeds

    Incoming and outgoing data are encrypted. Data redundancy and off-site backup storage are provided for an extra layer of protection. Power backups and generators are in place in the event of a power outage, and our systems area is independently climate controlled and monitored.

    The data centers for MediSYS have dedicated high-speed data lines for fast access and transfer speeds. Our systems are easy-to-use and flexible, with a lower initial investment since we host your data! ASP services are always up-to-date, as we cover all updates to our server-based application software. And if your practice expands, our ASP resources can expand to grow with you.

    For technology that fits, your practice has the option of an In-house/Turnkey Solution: In addition to our ASP applications, MediSYS PM is available as an in-house server installation which may qualify for significant tax benefits. To discuss what option is best for your practice contact us.

    Data Migration:

    Determining the best approach to transition from your current system to MediSYS is an important process. Because every practice’s current system structure may be unique, our team will work with you to analyze your particular situation to determine the right solution.

    For some practices, starting with a “clean” new system while working the accounts receivable from the old system is preferred. If a data migration in part or in full is the solution, our implementation and programming staff have extensive experience in many system conversions. Given the correct environment, a demographic or full financial history test data migration is typically the first step.

    Data Migration factors to consider may include:

    • Current system access and stability
    • Data Volume
    • Data Value
    • Current system data format
    • Data extract options
    • Patient Demographic data migration
    • Full Financial History data migration

    Implementation & Project Management:

    Implementation and project management for PM, EHR and billing services may be one of the most important factors for success. Our team works together with your practice to define, plan, set-up, train and implement your MediSYS solution. Unless you prefer a’la carte, we include the implementation, project management, EDI coordination, training, installation, set-ups, and travel in your proposal so you know exactly what to budget. For more information see implementation and training.


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