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Total Clinic Solution

Providing software, services and solutions for every need your practice faces from clinical, to administrative to complete revenue cycle management.

“The customer service at MediSYS is outstanding! They really go above and beyond to teach you the program and will work with you to come up with the best way for their system to fit your specific needs. I can’t recommend them enough!” – Emily at a Birmingham Neurological Clinic

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  • Total Revenue Cycle Management Services for Bottom-line Improvements

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  • Specialty Specific Solution

    Working with close to 100 specialties!

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    Our knowledgeable MediSYS team includes experts who know how to handle your specialty’s unique needs!


  • Protocol Driven Specialty Tools for Billing & Clinical

    Tools based on patient demographics, procedures, visit types, etc. provide intuitive ways to automate a variety processes for less clicks, less stress.

    • Age-driven protocols and tools
    • Gender-driven protocols and tools
    • Post-Op Period management
    • Vaccines for Children Program Calculation Tool (Medicaid)
    • Weight-based dosage
    • OB Profile, EDC, ACOG
    • Nephrology
    • Referral management and auto-route note to referring provider
    • Submit A1c results on claims (HEIDIS)
    • RVU reporting
    • RAF Score calculation
    • Telehealth
    • Revenue Services specialty experts
  • Eligibility

    State-of-the art eligibility, reduces data entry while targeting what is important.

    • Individual
    • Batch for an entire day’s appointments
    • Uniquely integrated with BCBS website
    • BCBS Patient Health Snapshot
    • Retrieve patient co-pay
    • Medicaid Web
    • Targeted filter by specialty


  • Scheduling

    Flexible, yet comprehensive appointment scheduling improves workflow and reduces no-shows.

    • Color coded by doctor, appointment type, eligibility
    • Co-pay text for contact-less patient payments
    • Resource scheduling
  • Electronic Claims

    Fast, clean claim processing with a 98% First Pass Rate.

    • Automated claim life cycle (primary, secondary, tertiary)
    • Pre-transmission screening and claim scrubbing options minimize denials
    • Clearinghouse and Direct-to carrier options
    • Encounter-generated A1c / BMI HEIDIS codes
    • Submit A1c results on claims (HEIDIS)
    • Rural Health, facility and institutional claims
    • Revenue Services includes complete claim life cycle management
  • Electronic Payments

    Better payment automation eliminates manual processing, speeding cash flow.

    • Client-defined rule-based remittance processing
    • Rural Health
    • Electronic posting of online patient payments and TOS payments
    • Auto posting of patient payments via text
    • Revenue Services includes posting of payments
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Preconceived, concise reporting allows for optimum flexibility to have visibility to what is most important.

    • Preconceived, concise, flexible
    • CSV, PDF
    • Pivot Data-Visibility Tools
    • Drill down work screens
    • Revenue Services provides complete transparency and performance metrics
  • Drill Down Work Screen Wizards

    MediSYS work screens automate the workflow of managing large amounts of data and filters it to show only what needs attention.

    • Claim status
    • Audit trails
    • Remittance exception
    • Insurance aging to correct claims from one screen
    • Batch charge processing
    • And more!
  • Responsible Party Management

    Managing responsible parties is especially important for those clinics who see families and children.

    • Alerts driven by age
    • Single entry for certain demographics across multiple patients
    • Responsible party patient financial management tools
      • Financial history view by responsible party & patient
      • One statement or collection letter regardless of # of patients associated with the responsible party
      • One payment with automatic posting including mobile payments and collection payments
      • Collection alerts across the responsible party accounts
    • Family/Relationship Patient Portal
    • Workers Comp
  • Clinical Documentation

    Multiple, flexible cognitive clinical documentation methods minimize clerical click-fatigue and clerical tasks.

    • No-click documentation
    • Smart assessments
    • Voice to text
    • Mobile-friendly continuous one-page note with jump buttons
    • Customize views for home and chart summary
    • Artificial Intelligence based on frequency
    • Document management with barcode forms
    • Populate visit/charts with patient responses to portal questionnaires
    • Bubble forms extract structured data into the office note
    • Revenue Services EHR discounts
  • Clinic Communications

    Studies show that the volume of Inbox messages contributes significantly to physician burnout. Reduce bottlenecks with automated routing for certain messages to someone other than the provider.

    • Message center
    • Inbox auto-routing to reduce messages in physician inbox
    • Tasking rules by department, use, etc.
    • In/Out faxing
    • eSign Rules
    • Fast navigation from patient account to chart or specific encounter.
    • Electronic charge capture
  • Patient Communication & Engagement Tools

    Effective, timely patient communication for better compliance, greater satisfaction and faster payments.

    • Practice-branded patient portal with check-in kiosk
    • Easy virtual visits with telehealth
    • Send a patient or a block of patients text messages via schedule
    • Recall patients to schedule an appointment based on procedures due, diagnosis
    • Alerts at patient check-out to request a future recall for individual patients
    • Appointment reminders via text, email or phone
    • Patient payments via text for co-payments, account balance
    • Prospective payment estimator
    • Payment plans
  • Seamless Collections & Month-End

    Automating month-end and collections to align with clinic policy, reduces administrative burdens while improving reimbursements.

    • Electronic statements & collection letters
    • Automated collection process
      • Tailored to clinic’s collection policy
      • Collection alerts across responsible party and patients
      • Turn over to collections tool
    • Small balance write-off
    • Revenue Services includes closing month end, collection process and courteous response to patient billing inquiries