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MediSYS Medical Billing Services – Survey

Client Satisfaction Survey

We are committed to providing a level of service that exceeds your expectations. We strive to continually improve each day. Your feedback will help us to build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. We value your input!

  • Quality

  • Does MediSYS go the extra mile to get claims paid?
  • Is our documentation complete?
  • Does MediSYS take action to proactively prevent issues?
  • Timeliness

  • Does MediSYS file claims quickly?
  • Does MediSYS post payments timely?
  • Does MediSYS follow-up to make sure that most claims are paid within 30 days?
  • Responsiveness

  • Are we available when you need us?
  • If we can't answer your question or resolve your issue immediately, do we take care of it quickly and notify you of the outcome?
  • Professionalism

  • Is the MediSYS staff always pleasant and courteous?
  • Do our actions show that we are your revenue cycle partner?
  • General

    Please provide your information below so that we can assist you any issues and make sure you are getting the quality service you deserve!