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CMS Approves Performance Period Suppression of the 2021 Performance Period for Quality Measure #111/CMS127v9: Pneumococcal Vaccination Status for Older Adults MIPS eCQM Collection Type

CMS determined that the burden for electronic health record (EHR) developers would be prohibitive to truncating the data for the performance period. The downstream impacts associated with the eCQM collection type’s submission parameters would present an immense challenge, potentially leading to the inability to meet CMS’s reporting deadline.

Therefore, CMS is suppressing the 2021 performance period for eCQM collection type for this measure (#111/CMS127v9) as it is not feasible to collect nine consecutive months of data in accordance with § 414.1380(b)(1)(vii)(A). MIPS eligible clinicians will not need to submit any additional documentation as the total measure achievement points will be reduced by 10 (denominator points) for each impacted measure submitted. For further information regarding measure suppression, please review the MIPS Scoring Guide for the 2021 Performance Year.

The MIPS CQM and Medicare Part B claims collection types for quality measure #111/CMS127v9 will continue to be truncated to the first nine months of data for the 2021 performance period as detailed in the listserv sent December 31, 2021.  

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