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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Millions of Americans struggle with mental health issues and illness each year. Since the onset
of COVID-19, those numbers have continued to rise with more and more cases of substance
abuse, suicide and an increase in youth mental health issues. Since this rise, the need for an
increase in mental health professionals has grown exponentially. Many people struggling with
these types of illnesses live in areas where there is a known shortage of providers. This in turn
leads to a unified effort to provide better methods for meeting their needs and providing
treatment options. At MediSYS, we focus on solutions and work with providers to meet the
needs of patients regardless of their location when possible. During the initial onset of
COVID-19, our staff members implemented telehealth solutions for hundreds of providers so
care for their patients could continue. With mental health awareness also comes more
responsibility. As we recognize this illness and work together to better care for those who are
impacted by it, we also focus on our own MediSYS employees’ overall health and wellbeing by
providing tools to deal with day to day challenges and struggles. We appreciate all of those in
the mental health field who work tirelessly to encourage, treat and care for their others. Mental
illness impacts us all in one way or another. Let’s join together to provide better understanding,
empathy and solutions for the future.