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Mid-Week MACRA Minute – Improvement Activities

Helping you put the MIPS pieces together each week!

MIPS Performance Categories: Improvement Activities

Improvement Activities is a new MIPS category that assesses how much you participate in activities that improve clinical practice. Improvement Activities (IA) is 15% of your 2017 MIPS Performance score.

Reminder: This category does not require the use of a certified EHR. Plus, you may already be doing some of the activities.

In 2017 for the improvement activities category, you will:

  • Choose from 92 activities to demonstrate your performance. Each activity is weighted either medium or high. A full list of all 92 activities are available on the QPP website.
  • Choose participation level: Test or Full
    • For test participation, you will need to report at least one of the 92 activities
    • For Full participation, groups with 15 or fewer clinicians, non-patient facing clinicians and/or clinicians located in a rural area or HPSA, to achieve the maximum 40 points for the Improvement Activity score, you may select either of the options below:
      • 1 high weighted activity
      • 2 medium weighted activities
  • Report the activities to CMS. See below reporting criteria.
  • Retain documentation of performing activities

Reporting Criteria Includes:

  • You must attest by indicating “Yes” to each activity that meets the 90-day requirement (activities that you performed for at least 90 consecutive days during the current performance period).
  • You may report activities using a qualified registry, via certified EHR Technology), qualified clinical data registry (QCDR), the CMS Web Interface (for groups of 25 or more), or via attestation. These intermediaries will need to certify that you performed the activities as indicated.
  • You can choose to attest to the set of activities that are most meaningful to your practice since there are no subcategory reporting requirements. That is, you don’t have to select activities in each subcategory or select activities from a certain number of subcategories.
  • If you choose to participate in MIPS via a QCDR, you must select and achieve each improvement activity separately. You will not receive credit for multiple activities just by selecting one activity that includes participation in a QCDR.


Reminder – some of the Improvement Activities ALSO qualify for the Advancing Care Information (ACI) bonus category. You will find a list of those activities here: Advancing Care Information Performance Category Facts Sheet

For more details regarding Improvement Activities and MIPS visit the QPP website at or visit the MediSYS website at