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New 659 Area Code for Alabama

The Alabama Public Service Commission and AT&T have announced official plans and a timeline Alabama New 659 Area Codeto implement a new area code for parts of Central and West Alabama. This will ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers in this area to accommodate for a growing population. The new 659 area code will be added to the area currently served by the 205 area code. Having two different area codes for the same area is known as an area code overlay. Currently the 256 area code also has an overlay with the 938 area code.

To reduce headaches and dialing errors, it is important for everyone to understand the new dialing procedure for local calls.

New Dialing Procedure for 659 Area Code

To complete local calls, simply dial the area code + telephone number. This means that all local calls in the 205 area code that are currently dialed with seven digits should be dialed using area code + telephone number. The same dialing procedure will apply to telephone numbers assigned to the new 659 area code.

Starting April 13, 2019, you should begin using the new dialing procedures whenever you place a call from the 205 area code. If you forget to dial the area code and dial just seven digits, your call will still complete.

Beginning on October 12, 2019, you are required to use the new dialing procedures, as described above. On and after this date, if you do not use the new dialing procedures, your calls will NOT complete. A recorded message will instruct you to hang up and dial again including the area code.

On November 12, 2019, new telephone lines and services may be assigned numbers using the new 659 area code.