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BlueCare – New Health Advocacy Program for Members

July 2014

BlueCare is the health advocacy program provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama that allows members to be informed and involved in their healthcare decisions. The program is designed to create a superior member experience, positively impact member health, and deliver predictable costs.
BlueCare Health Advocates provide personalized one-on-one assistance to help Blue Cross members:

  • Locate a doctor or specialist and schedule appointments.
  • Understand their benefits.
  • Resolve hospital and doctor/provider billing issues.
  • Learn about recommended health services and find support groups/community services.
  • Engage in available health and wellness programs.

As of May 1, 2014, Blue Cross successfully transitioned approximately 475,000 members to the BlueCare Health Advocacy
Program. We expect this number to grow to approximately 1.3 million members by January 2015. Many of these members
have learned about this program through our BlueCare informational flier. If you receive a call from a BlueCare Health
Advocate, we would appreciate your assistance in making appointments for our members.

Information obtained from BCBS Provider Facts 2014-033: