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Chatom Primary Care: Where Patient’s are #1

Newspaper pic 2013

Chatom Primary Care has chosen MediSYS EHR web-based platform in order to more efficiently provide services and care for its patients.  By using MediSYS EHR, CPC now has access to a greater level of interoperability between its providers and outlying patient resources.  MediSYS EHR interoperability with labs, hospitals, ePrescribe, and in-house diagnostics is continually expanding which provides CPC significant abilities that carry over to the actual patient as better patient care.  CPC providers now have quicker access to more patient information.

The physicians of CPC find the ability to receive real-time information, like lab results, to be an invaluable tool in patient care.  Further streamlining patient care is the ability to receive various hospital documents for patients as well.

CPC is also now offering the MediSYS Patient Portal to continue to improve its patients’ satisfaction and enhance practice efficiency.  This optional service with MediSYS EHR offers a secure gateway for patients to conveniently access certain information and communicate with clinics.

With Patient Portal, CPC patients now have self-service options like: viewing their medications list and history, submitting refill requests to physicians, viewing refill statuses which can be approved or denied by the physician, submitting messages to physicians and staff, viewing messages from the physician or staff, viewing lab results with comments that are forwarded by the physician, requesting a new appointment and viewing existing appointments.  All of these make it easier than ever to communicate with patients for CPC providers.

MediSYS EHR is just one of the programs offered by the Alabama-based company, MediSYS for Physicians, Inc.  MediSYS has provided Alabama clinics like CPC it products and services for 28+ years.  A locally-owned company with state-of-the-art technology in the areas of clinical practice management and electronic health records, MediSYS leads Alabama with its superior support and individualized training processes for today’s medical practices.

See the full article in the March 29, 2013 – Washington County News.