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MediSYS ePrescribe Handheld Access

MediSYS ePrescribe

Handheld Access

Birmingham, AL (August 21, 2009) – MediSYS announced today the addition of a handheld mobile application for the growing number of providers now using electronic prescribing.  This mobile application will allow physicians to securely prescribe medications and electronically route prescriptions using a handheld device to SureScripts, the country's largest national electronic prescribing network.  "With the surge in the adoption of ePrescribe in 2009, adding access from a Smartphone or other handheld device for MediSYS ePrescribe will only expand the already growing number of providers who use this service as a tool in patient care", according to Jimmy Chapman, developer of MediSYS ePrescribe and MediSYS EHR. In the U.S. over 100,000 providers are sending prescriptions electronically according to SureScripts.

The significant growth in ePrescribe is due in part to CMS incentives which may qualify the provider for a 2% incentive based on their Medicare allowed amount. In addition to the incentive, Chapman attributes the popularity of ePrescribe to fast access to information regarding possible contraindications, medication history and allergies.  Contraindication checking includes drug-to-drug, drug-to-disease, and drug-to-allergy interactions.  "Virtually anywhere-access to possible drug allergies, current medications, and possible interactions is a resource that is now available from a handheld device using MediSYS ePrescribe. MediSYS ePrescribe, is not only a time-saver for physicians, it is of great benefit to patients as well," commented Chapman.  With electronic prescribing, a patient's prescription is submitted to the pharmacy before the patient arrives and it eliminates mistakes due to illegible hand-writing.  Physicians also have handheld access to medication and pharmacy preferences with MediSYS ePrescribe.

MediSYS' ePrescribe is SureScripts certified and is compatible with Android OS, Window's Mobile, Apple's iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Smartphone, and iPod Touch. 

Future enhancements to the features available on these devices are underway for MediSYS ePrescribe and MediSYS Electronic Health Records.  Additional functionality is scheduled to be released by the end of the year including the ability to view incoming lab results. For more information regarding handheld access for MediSYS ePrescribe or MediSYS EHR, contact MediSYS at 205.631.5969 or [email protected].

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