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MediSYS Partners with Alabama Regional Extension Center


MediSYS is pleased to announce a partnership with Alabama Regional Extension Center (ALREC).

“This is an exciting opportunity for the providers in Alabama. We understand that transitioning from paper to electronic records can be a daunting and expensive task. Our job is to help make this a smoother and faster transition resulting in the potential for more efficient patient care. This will ultimately translate to a better workflow for the providers and better quality of care for the patients”, Dan Roach, MD, Project Director, ALREC; Assistant Dean, COM Medical Informatics EducationDirector Medical Informatics, USA CSHI.

The University of South Alabama Center for Strategic Health Innovation (USA CSHI), representing a statewide consortium of partners and stakeholders, was recently awarded a cooperative agreement to serve as the Alabama Regional Extension Center, or ALREC. Partners and stakeholders include The University of South Alabama, Alabama Medicaid Agency, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Auburn University, Alabama Hospital Association, Alabama Primary Healthcare Association, Alabama Academy of Family Physicians, Alabama Academy of Pediatrics, the JHD Group and Management and Medical Consulting Services, Inc. ALREC will serve as an advocate for Alabama physicians and deliver services to assist providers in moving from paper to electronic health records and in achieving Meaningful Use status.

Membership in ALREC is open to all providers in Alabama and provides access to services such as group purchasing discounts, EHR adoption assistance, assistance with education and training, workflow analysis and project management, interfaces to HIEs and more. ALREC will provide education and vendor neutral direct technical assistance to ensure that providers in Alabama will be eligible for Medicare and Medicaid incentive reimbursements. Whether you already have an electronic health record in place or not, the comprehensive technical expertise available within ALREC will ensure your practice successfully implements EHR, meets Meaningful Use requirements, and receive incentives potentially up to $67,300 per provider.

Federal funding under the cooperative agreement is targeted to “Priority Primary Care Providers” (PPCPs), or providers in practices of 10 or less who specialize in primary care, family practice, obstetrics, gynecology, geriatrics, or internal medicine. However, all providers who join ALREC will receive adoption and implementation services at significantly reduced rates. Funding is provided by The ARRA Act of 2009, HIT-09-003 (CFDA #93.718)

To encourage enrollment of PPCPs, ALREC has agreed to waive membership fees for the first 1,000 PPCPs through April, 2011. This is a unique opportunity for primary care providers in Alabama, so act now to ensure you are able to take advantage of the services offered by ALREC.

For more information, please contact ALREC:
Alabama Regional Extension Center (ALREC)
307 University Blvd./TRP III, Suite 1100
Mobile, Alabama 36688
Phone: (251) 414-8170
Fax: (251) 414-8171
Email: [email protected]