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MediSYS Plans for Alabama-Centered Physician Information Network


Birmingham/Montgomery, Alabama, July 13, 2010……As part of the strong commitment to facilitate the activities surrounding health information exchange, MediSYS has announced plans to release the MediSYS Physician Information Network in the first quarter of 2011.  This MediSYS Physician Information Network will allow providers treating mutual patients to share pertinent health information electronically.  Quickly and securely sharing information within a network of providers such as labs and diagnostic information, office notes, hospital documents, patient demographics, etc. will assist providers in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

This physician information network streamlines the referral process by making provider-selected information immediately available to the referred-to physician.  In addition, clinical data generated by the referred-to physician may be electronically transmitted back to original referring physician or onto another physician group if needed.   This immediate access to patient information eliminates the need for the clinic to print, fax, scan, and mail the relevant information.  The result is a huge savings in human resources and helps streamline patient care which is a major element in healthcare initiatives. 

MediSYS has already established and implemented a high level of connectivity across the healthcare community in Alabama.  With the current MediSYS EHR interoperability with 18 hospitals all over state, national and local lab reference companies, SureScripts, Medicaid Together for Quality, and others, providers already have access to a wealth of patient health information.  With current electronic health record system links to over 300 Alabama providers, it is a logical extension for MediSYS to offer a network among physicians to share health information generated within the clinic.  The addition of the MediSYS Physician Information Network is expected to become a significant resource to further enhance initiatives to foster information exchange across the state and across the nation. 

MediSYS is 100% dedicated to improving the workflow and revenue of physicians, and has been for over twenty years.  MediSYS serves more than a thousand physicians through medical practice management software, electronic health records, medical billing services and practice management services.