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Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) – Have you implemented CCM at your practice?

The Chronic Care Management Program allows providers to GET PAID for additional time and resources (non-face-to-face) on chronic care management services for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions.

CMS has launched new Connected Care Videos. The Connected Care campaign was designed by CMS to raise awareness of the benefits of CCM for patients with multiple chronic conditions and provide health care professionals with resources to implement CCM.

You can access the new Connect Care Videos below:

CMS is also offering FREE posters and postcards about CCM that can be downloaded from the Connected Care website or FREE printed copies can be requested from the CMS Product Ordering website.

For more information on CCM and the Connect Care Campaign visit: Connected Care: The Chronic Care Management Resource

How should you deliver CCM to your patients?

  • If you prefer to use your staff to provide CCM services in-house, MediSYS has new tools in our EHR to effectively manage chronic care. Contact us to find out more!

Engage your patients and caregivers early by prescribing CCM!

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