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Physician Burnout – Don’t Let Your EHR Get in the Way!

Burnout, we aren’t talking about squealing tires and burning rubber, we are talking the touchy topic of physician burnout. Over the past few years, physician burnout has become an issue that has been brought to the forefront of many conversations throughout the medical industry. Burnout can cause major issues in a professional career and has been known to permeate one’s personal life. It can lead to unhappy patients who would rather have their doctor talk to them, instead of typing away on a computer or tablet. Burnout can be caused by many factors; however, for doctors specifically, burnout has been blamed on clunky, click intensive, non-intuitive Electronic Health Records (EHR) software systems. MediSYS saw the need to bring a product to smoldering providers, before they reach the burnout stage. One that can help alleviate the burden of documentation and repetitive tasks.  This unique EHR Solution is Minimally Invasive© so that it doesn’t get in the way of your relationship with your patients. It features dynamic encounters that are based on protocols customized to your specific workflow and it continues to learn how you prefer to document, further decreasing screen time and clicks making this EHR cognitive, not clerical.

MediSYS has over 30 years of experience with optimizing medical practices and would love to see if we can help yours. If you are interested in getting more information, or simply want to talk, we would love to hear from you!

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