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Quality Measures Reporting Tips for 2019 Participation

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Quality Measures Reporting Tips for 2019 Participation

Check the QPP Participation Status Tool and enter your 10 digit NPI number to view your eligibility status for the 2019 MIPS performance year.

If you are required to participate, it is recommended you start by focusing on the Quality performance category within MIPS.

Tips/reminders for the Quality Performance category:

  • The Quality performance category has a 12-month performance period, so make sure you are collecting your performance data now.
  • New for 2019: CMS revised the definition of a high priority measure to include opioid-related quality measures.
  • For the 2019 performance year, ECs will have a chance to increase their 2019 Quality performance category score based on rate of improvement from their Quality performance category score in 2018 performance year.
  • To meet the Quality performance category requirements submit six quality measures for the 12-month performance period.
    • Include at least 1 outcome measure OR another high priority measure in the absence of an applicable outcome measure.
    • Select your measures from a defined specialty measure set.
    • If specialty measure set has fewer than 6 measures, then submit all measures within that specialty set.
  • Review the 2019 Quality Performance Category Fact Sheet on the QPP Resource Library

CMS has also released “New MIPS Terms”:

CMS is using new language that more accurately reflects how clinicians and vendors interact with MIPS (i.e. Collection types, Submitter types, etc.). CMS finalized these new terms in order to implement the program in a way that is understandable to participants and beneficiaries alike. The new terms include:

  • Collection Type – a set of quality measures with comparable specifications and data completeness criteria including, as applicable: electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs); MIPS clinical quality measures (MIPS CQMs) (formerly referred to as “Registry measures”); Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) measures; Medicare Part B claims measures (only small practices); CMS Web Interface measures; the CAHPS for MIPS survey measure; and administrative claims measures.
  • Submitter Type – the MIPS eligible clinician, group, or third-party intermediary acting on behalf of a MIPS eligible clinician or group, as applicable, that submits data on measures and activities.
  • Submission Type – the way the submitter type submits data to CMS, including, as applicable: direct, log in and upload, log in and attest, Medicare Part B claims, and the CMS Web Interface. There is no submission type for cost data because the data is collected and calculated by CMS from administrative claims data submitted for payment. purposes.

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