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4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing

1. Saves Time and Money: Outsourcing your medical billing will save you time that can be used on your patients. Staff can focus on patient care while expert in the medical billing field can focus on your patient billing. This also saves time and money that would be dedicated to hire, train, and manage your own billing staff.  Outsourcing can often allow for better use of your staff around the office and allow them more time to devote to patient care.

With MediSYS, there are no up-front fees associated with medical billing services and typically, practices using our medical billing services see bottom-line improvements including fixed-cost reductions.

2. Experts in the field: Medical billing companies focus on your billing. They can spot errors that cause many practices to have a high number of rejected claims. Experts can spot these errors and correct them which also saves you money on rejected or returned claims. Office staff can be more prone to errors in billing since they might be expected to do other jobs at the same time. When you outsource, you are guaranteed someone or a group of people that are dedicated with their time to get your billing done right.

With MediSYS, we offer a local, Alabama billing team that stays on top of changes within billing protocols, insurance carriers and government agencies.  We have proven success with many of our clients through increased accuracy, 24 hour turn around on most charges, and a friendly account staff who is dedicated and professional.

3. More Flexibility: Outsourcing your medical billing gives you more flexibility in workflow and tasks.  If there are tasks that your practice can accomplish with ease, often medical billing companies give practices a lower fee.  On the other hand, having the billing company handle all billing-related tasks make be the best option for optimum results.

With MediSYS, we offer services that are tailored to your practice. Concise monthly reporting, posting of co-payments and mail payments, month-end processing, patient statements, daily audit trail review and processing, and quality control audits with fee schedule review are just a few of the things MediSYS Billing Services offers.  MediSYS Billing Services also has remote system access which allows you to view patient and financial data via the internet from your home or office. With automated appointment scheduling, verify patients’ insurance coverage electronically for major carriers, as well as automated appointment reminders.

4. Improve Business Management: An experienced Medical Billing Company can become a valuable business partner. They can provide you with tools such as reports that detail your financial health of the practice. Having a close relationship with your medical billing company can help in other aspects across the healthcare technology field.

With MediSYS Billing Services, we strive to educate out clients on not only the financial aspect of their billing but also into their EHR Incentives and other EHR needs which links to your over-all health care for your patients. We educate them on EHR Incentives, BCBS Incentives, and other programs available.