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Mid-Week MACRA Minute – Advancing Care Information (ACI)

Helping you put the MIPS pieces together each week!

2017 MIPS has 3 categories – Quality (60%), Advancing Care Information (ACI) (25%), and Improvement Activities (15%).

The more categories you participate in, the better your MIPS score should be!

The Advancing Care Information (ACI) performance category replaces the Medicare EHR Incentive Program for eligible professionals, also known as Meaningful Use.

For the ACI category, there are several types of clinicians who are not required to submit ACI performance data. The following types of clinicians are excluded from the ACI category only, even in an ACO:*

  • Non-physician practitioners (NPPs), such as nurse practitioners and PAs
  • Hospital-based clinicians
  • Non-patient facing clinicians

*We do recommend that all eligible clinicians participate in ACI to prepare for 2018.

MIPS eligible clinicians must use certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) to report to theĀ ACI performance category. If you do not have a certified EHR, you must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a reweighting of the performance category to 0% and the 25% re-assigned to the Quality performance category to maintain the potential for participants to earn up to 100 points in the MIPS Final Score. Simply not having CEHRT is not sufficient to qualify to have the ACI category reweighted.

For more information on which MIPS eligible clinicians are eligible to have their ACI score reweighted please view the ACI Performance Category Fact Sheet at

For more details visit the Quality Payment Program website at or visit our website at