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2014 Is Big, Let MediSYS Guide You Through

2014 is a BIG Year, Let MediSYS Guide You Through

The year 2014 comes with high stakes and BIG changes for healthcare providers.  The list of penalties and new requirements is bigger than ever, and without guidance from your EHR vendor, your clinic could wind up in the dark.  Not only is 2014 the last year for Medicare providers to begin participation in Meaningful Use to potentially earn an incentive and avoid the penalty.

Being prepared for these deadlines and requirements is essential. Your clinic should be taking action now.  MediSYS EHR continues to offer their clients a ‘white glove’ approach to Meaningful Use.  By providing free training classes in central areas, MediSYS walks clinics through each of the measures and menu measures.  Our clients appreciate the attention they are given free of charge as the entire process can be confusing and time-consuming at best.

With Stage 2 2014, the stakes are much higher requiring eligible professionals to complete 17 core measures and 3 menu measures.  Of which, much of the primary focus is now patient engagement and the exchange of information.

One ‘exchange’ measure in Stage 2 is the capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries.  In 2011, MediSYS EHR released the Alabama State Immunization Information Systems (AL-IIS) Interface at no additional charge to clients.   The interface enables clinics to submit recorded immunizations to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) real-time upon completion. Clinics can also retrieve immunizations on file with AL-IIS which are displayed in the patient’s chart. This bi-directional interface provides real-time access to ADPH from within MediSYS EHR and satisfies Stage 2 Core Measure 16.  This is just one example of MediSYS EHR’s ability to interoperate for their clients to obtain Meaningful Use.  With multiple hospital, lab and lab information system (LIS) interfaces across the state, MediSYS clients have access to real-time patient data that affects the overall patient care plan.

Join thousands of providers across the state who enjoy superior support from MediSYS EHR.  The ‘white glove’ approach to EHR training, support and after-the-sale follow-up makes all the difference in your clinic’s success for 2014.

MediSYS is a proven leader in Alabama that offers healthcare billing and EHR services.  MediSYS’ EHR, – MedConnect v2.2 2014 Edition has received Complete Certification for Meaningful Use Stage 2 by the Drummond Group.

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